Music for Dance for PD® Volumes 2 and 3

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William Wade's energetic and highly danceable music has inspired and motivated participants in Dance for PD®'s Brooklyn and Manhattan flagship classes for more than a decade.  

In this companion album to Volumes 2 and 3 of our At Home DVD series, William plays a collection of classical and popular favorites specially selected, arranged, and performed for Dance for PD® classes--and all dance and movement classes that demand a clear, singable melody and supportive rhythm.

This special double album is chock full of beautifully-rendered songs from the DVDs as well as exclusive bonus tracks that include a sampling of musical selections from Mark Morris repertory, William's electrifying rendition of Leonard Bernstein's 'Cool' from West Side Story, and five rhythmically-calibrated walking grooves that will get you moving and keep you going. 

Let William's wonderful music inspire you with a sense of physical confidence, grace, playfulness, and expressiveness. 

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"William's music helps me feel graceful and powerful in class, and his music is essential to anyone with Parkinson's who wants to enjoy dance and movement."

--Dance for PD Participant, Brooklyn


2 Discs| 45 tracks| Additional percussion by Michael Croiter

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Volume 2

  1 Sun Salutation (Gilbert/Sullivan)

  2 Sun Salutation longer version (Gilbert/Sullivan)

  3 Sunrise Lake (Smetana)

  4 Roll and Stack (Waller)

  5 Roll and Stack faster version (Waller)

  6 Foot warm up (Bizet)

  7 Rock Paper Scissors (Faulkner)

  8 Rock Paper Scissors alternate version (Bizet)

  9 The Hard Nut: Russian Dance (Tchaikovsky)

10 Tap warm up (Sousa)

11 Marble Halls (Bach)

12 Long Flow (Berlin)

13 Jazz across the floor (Rodgers)

14 March across the floor (Bratton)

15 West Side Story: Cool (Bernstein, arr. Wade)

16 Dido and Aeneas: Sailor dance (Purcell)

17 L’Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato: The Ladies’ Dance (Handel)

18 The Hard Nut: Waltz of the Flowers (Tchaikovsky)

19 Love Song Waltzes:  Nicht wandle, mein Licht (Brahms)

20 Reverence (Traditional)

Volume 3

 1 Sun Salutation (Offenbach)

 2 Dig and Swim (Foster)

 3 Dig and Swim faster version (Foster)

 4 Shooting Star (Traditional)

 5 Shooting Star faster (Traditional)

 6 Hand and Foot Adagio (Waller)

 7 Twist and Bowl accelerating and decelerating version (Von Tilzer)

 8 Twist and Bowl accelerating version (Von Tilzer)

 9 Faster Foot Warm-Up (Suppe)

10 Jazz Tribute (Joplin)

11 Dido and Aeneas: Oft She Visits (Purcell)

12 Dido and Aeneas: Oft She Visits faster version (Purcell)

13 Little Red Riding Hood (Rossini/Wade)

14 Long Flow Coordination (Ward)

15 Jazz Lunges (Wade)

16 Temps Lié (Grieg, arr. Wade)

17 The Hard Nut: Snow (Tchaikovsky)

18 The Hard Nut: Snow faster version (Tchaikovsky)

19 Gentle Waltz (Friedman)

20 Ragtime walking groove at 76 bpm (Wade)

21 Moderate funk walking groove at 90 bpm (Wade)

22 Cool walking groove at 100 bpm (Wade)

23 Cinematic walking groove at 112 bpm (Wade)

24 Fast funk walking groove at 128 bpm (Wade)

25 Reverence (Bach)